General questions

What exactly is Bitecone ?

Bitecone is all ice-cream ends you wouldn't share when you were a child in one single bag. It is the best part of the ice-cream as we all know !

When is the best time to consume Bitecone?

Now. Seriously, you have to try it now.

Shipping + Delivery

Can I order just one bag ?

At this time, you can't. The cost of sending one bag being quite high, it wouldn't be a good idea for both of us. Plus, you would finish it so fast you would need to re-order the very same day.

What happens if my order arrives melted?

With the (very) hot summer season we experienced last year, we didn't have much of a melting issue be reported at all. All orders are usually shipped and delivered within 7 days to avoid melting as much as possible.

When should I expect my Bitecone after ordering?

Generally, if you live in Europe you will receive your Bitecone within 7 business days of the date charged. If you live outside of Europe, please contact us to know the time it will take to get you your package.

Do you offer free shipping ?

On orders above 65€ in Europe, we do! Contact us at hello@bitecone.com to get the best shipping rate if you live outside of Europe.

Once an order has shipped can I change my address ?

Unfortunately, no you can't. Once your order has been fulfilled we cannot change your shipping address. Nor are we responsible for lost packages due to invalid shipping addresses.


How can I stock Bitecone in my store?

We’re so glad you asked. You can write an e-mail at wholesale@bitecone.com, we can’t wait to get in touch.

Can I purchase different products in one order ?

Sure ! And we hope you will. You can purchase any combination of chocolates (5 bags minimum per chocolate), and we will ship to you.


Are they any allergens in Bitecones ?

Yes, you will find wheat, milk and soya in your favorite bites.

Do you use peanuts or nuts ?

We don't, however our cones can contains traces of nuts and peanuts.

Do Bitecones contain eggs ?

No they don't.